Willful Disregard: False Prophets, True Believers, and Misinterpreting George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire

Melisandre is never right. The dreams are all deceptions. The gods are not gods. There is no magical realm. There are no deep ones. Barth is a guidebook not a bible. No matter how much evidence you throw at them, no matter how much background you give them, no matter how much direct contradiction there is in the text itself, you cannot dislodge a true believer’s conviction about A Song of Ice and Fire.

There is no possible way a conscientious objector to the Vietnam War, a self-professed agnostic atheist whose writings are ALWAYS refutations of moral absolutism, extremism, and fanaticism is going to write even a Tolkien-like story, let alone a Lovecraftian one. Jon is not a hero on the monomyth journey. Bloodraven, etc., are not the Merlins seeking to raise a King Arthur. Sansa will not end up with Sandor. Daenerys is not going to die heroically fighting a second Battle for the Dawn nor is Tyrion (Targaryen, deal with it), nor Jon, nor Bran, nor anyone. The enmity between humans and “others” is a clear misdirection. The enemy is always the godhead, death, the collective parasitical organism.

The weirwoods are death trees feeding off the living. They take blood sacrifices. They drain the life off of other trees. The Singers of the Earth give themselves and join with them when they die. They are a hive mind that takes possession of living creatures and feeds off them. The oily black stone fortresses were to fight their hammer of the waters – an earth power that caused tsunamis. The Singers are their servants, their greenseers their telepathic commanders. There is no future sight, only deception and death.

Planetos is a world of four elements or humors: earth, ice (wind), fire, and water corresponding to the seasons of spring (water), summer (fire), autumn (earth), and winter (ice/wind), with corresponding animals sea serpents, dragons, weirwoods, and ice dragons. When the men and women destroyed the weirwood forests, they unbalanced the seasons. The ice dragons created the White Walkers. The White Walkers bred with the Singers to create armies of the dead and the Long Night. The Wall is the result of a second Great Pact among the three groups.

To regain the balance, men and women must honor the forests, keep within their realms, and seek peace. It will take all the efforts of our characters to realize this and enact it. There is no other path to peace, but peace.


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