The Others aka White Walkers Are Not Bullies

Sigh. He is at it again. There is a magic realm and a political realm. The Others are omnicidal. Martin brings his villains low. It does not matter that Martin is on record lots of times stating the exact opposite of all of it. But, now we have a useful slip. Now, we have the real reason this guy cannot get it right and goes ballistic when you argue with him. He thinks the Others are “bullies” and he wants his revenge. He wants them to die in their millions. Behind his oft-professed morality lies a genocidal bigot. Sound familiar? It should. (


The Wall demarcates what is for the humans and what is for the Children of the Ice Dragon (COTID). When the Night’s Watch goes north in force or in groups, they are the invaders. When humanity failed to keep its side of the second Great Pact sealed at the heartwood grove just north of the Wall by providing “snows” (unwanted babies), it broke a treaty. When Mance Rayder dug up the fifty graves, he unearthed the Night’s King – what is dead may never die. When Waymar Royce arrogantly engaged in a duel with an opponent he knew not in the slightest, he exemplified the stupidities of the semi-feudal system. Just because you are superior and laugh at the idiocy of your opponent does not make you arrogant or a bully.


Keep your personal demons away from your analysis snowflake. They are leading you over the cliff whether you admit the existence of that cliff or not.


P.S. If you are his devotee, do not bother to strike at me or hurl the familiar insults. I have heard them all. When you are proved wrong, I sincerely doubt any of you will have the integrity to apologize or even acknowledge that you were wrong. Pity. It is a tragic waste of a human being.


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