The Dance of the Dragons, Revisited

Anyone who thinks that a Martin written as a maester history is not filled with obfuscations, self-serving lies, and point of view issues generally has not been paying attention at all. Maester Gyldayne is a big, fat liar and I’m not referring to his physical appearance. (We have no idea what he looked like.) Looking past his more apparent flaws as a historian (Including Mushroom’s statements, but not able to put them into any kind of context is but one of the problems.), Gyldayne states as facts items he cannot possibly know except through uncorroborated sources. Queen Rhaenyra being cut by the Iron Throne? Messages she sent to parties who later destroy those messages relayed in full? Characterizations of events that are not consistent with logic or previous histories? These are the telltale signs of a historian who is catering to an interested party with highly suspicious motives of his own. The very idea that the Dance of the Dragons is the “Targaryens flipping out” is absurd, not the least of which is that it is the Hightowers, Otto and Alicent, who cause the war, maesters at key instances fomenting the conflict, and potentially rigging its outcome.

I’m aware of the desire by the social justice warriors over at Tumblr’s need to kill their parents and achieve adulthood by lashing out at the closest stand-ins, e.g. anyone in authority. But, this is just bad analysis. The Hightowers, the Faith of the Seven, and the maesters were all centered in Oldtown and opposed to the Targaryens and their dragons. As Marwyn explained: there is no room in the world the maesters are creating for magic like dragons. As Lady Barbrey Dustin noted: the maesters control medicine, communications, and are key advisors. The “grey rats” are bound only to the Citadel. The Faith of the Seven also had ample motive for killing off the dragons – the sole means of suppressing the Faith Militant and a pillar of Targaryen power, a line of bigamous, incestuous foreigners. The septons’ hostility to certain marriages limited the birth of dragons. The Faith stirred up King’s Landing against the dragons who had been responsible for building of that city and their military orders were key in the killing of several dragons in the Dragonpit and Rhaenyra’s dragon, Syrax. This was not some spontaneous event, but was well planned and executed.

The concept that the Dance of the Dragons justified the removal of the dragons from the social contract is equally inane. How is the use of a dragon in warfare – one of the purposes of the social contract – a violation of the social contract? This is lousy political theory, a misreading of the historical record, and shows a complete disregard for many of the rules Martin has set up to govern his hybrid of fantasy and historical fiction including but not limited to: be skeptical of point of view narration, there are plots within plots, official histories are not to be trusted, and things are rarely as they seem.

Pure unadulterated tripe.


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